Wat betekent 5 ATM voor Jcob Horloges?

What does 5 ATM mean for Jcob Watches?

An important term that you often see in the specifications of Jcob watches, and watches in general, is " 5 ATM ." This is an indication of the watch's water resistance and plays a vital role in understanding what you can do with your watch without damaging it.

5 ATM stands for "Atmospheric Pressure," and it tells you how much pressure the watch can withstand before water can penetrate it. It may sound complicated, but it's actually quite easy to understand.

One atmosphere (ATM) is equal to the air pressure at sea level. 5 ATM therefore means that the watch can withstand a pressure equal to five times the normal air pressure at sea level. This corresponds to about 50 meters depth under water.

So, what does this mean in practice for a Jcob watch with 5 ATM water resistance? It means that the watch can withstand everyday situations where it may come into contact with water, such as rain, washing hands, doing the dishes, or even taking a shower. However, it is not suitable for wearing when swimming, snorkeling or diving, where you get into deeper waters than what the 5 ATM specification can handle.

So the 5 ATM water resistance level gives you reassuring protection for your watch in everyday situations, but it's important to keep in mind that it's not a diving watch. If you plan to swim or dive regularly, we recommend that you consider a specific dive watch.

In short, 5 ATM water resistance is a nice balance between daily functionality and protection of your Jcob watch. It allows you to enjoy your watch in most everyday scenarios without worrying about water damage.

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