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One Pointer, Simple and Stylish

Step into the special world of Jcob Slow watches

Where time is captured with one hand. These watches are simple and elegant, and they allow you to tell the time in a unique way. Let's discover what makes these special watches so special.


Simplicity is Powerful

Jcob Einzeiger watches love simplicity. They only have one pointer on the dial, which makes for a calm and simple look. No complicated hassle with multiple hands, just a single hand that tells the time with precision. This simplicity reminds us that time is not only practical, but can also be beautiful.



Read Time with Sense

Reading the time on a Jcob Slow watch is different from normal. Instead of wanting to know exactly the minutes, you learn to understand the time more intuitively. You look at the single hand, which moves between the numbers, to get an idea of ​​the minutes that have passed. It's a relaxed and flexible way to manage time.


Timeless Design

Jcob Slow watches are not only functional, but also timeless in design. They are available in different styles, from blue dial to beige dial . So there is always a Jcob Einzeiger watch that suits your taste and occasion. These watches are more than just a tool to measure time; they also show your personal style.



Behind the beautiful appearance of Jcob Slow watches lies craftsmanship and reliability. They are made of high quality materials and with great attention to detail. As a result, they last a long time and you can rely on them to work well.


Affordable quality

Finding an alternative is not easy. We think it is important that the watches must be affordable, a maximum of 200 euros, and they must be of high quality. That combination was hard to find. But It worked!


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