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The Jcob Einzeiger JCW002-SS01 is a jewel for your wrist. You go back to the basics of telling the time. The Einzeiger watch has only one hand that shows not only the hours, but also the minutes. It brings peace in times of bustle.

Back to basics: back to simplicity

This timeless one-hand men's watch combines history with the most modern techniques. Hundreds of years ago, watches had only 1 hand. But with the invention of the anchor escapement in 1675, this changed. Nowadays, one hand watches are very popular again. With the Jcob JCW002 you can accurately read the time to within five minutes. No complicated functions, but a stylish and distinctive minimalist design.

How do Einzeiger watches with one hand work?

Einzeiger watches have only 1 hand. It not only shows the hours, but also the minutes. Between each hour on the watch are three large stripes that represent the quarter hours. The small dashes in between represent periods of five minutes. If the hand is between two and three, you know it is between two and three o'clock. With the help of the dashes in between you can determine the time even more accurately.

Simply change the watch strap

The watch strap of the Jcob JCW002 has a so-called "quick release" system. With a single finger movement you can loosen the strap and simply replace it with another watch strap from the Jcob collection. This way you can give the watch a different look in an instant. The steel case is easy to clean. In addition, the watch is equipped with hardened mineral glass, which is very scratch-resistant.

Affordability as a core value

Another aspect that sets Jcob apart is our commitment to affordability. Jcob believes that quality watches should be accessible to everyone, which is why they have ensured that our watches have an affordable price without compromising on quality. With prices starting at just 149 Euros, we offer excellent value for money, making our watches an attractive choice for both experienced watch enthusiasts and those just starting to collect watches.

The importance of simplicity and minimalism

When wearing a Jcob watch you not only experience the functionality of reading the time, but also the beauty of simplicity. The single hand design invites you to approach time in a more intuitive and relaxed way, away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. A Jcob watch reminds us to slow down, enjoy the moment and focus on what really matters.

Where to buy Jcob watches

If you're interested in adding a Jcob watch to your collection, you don't have to look far. Jcob watches are available through our official website , where you can view the entire collection and choose your favorite model. We also provide excellent customer service so you can ask any questions and get help with your purchase.

In short, Jcob is a brand that not only creates beautiful one-hand watches, but also embodies a philosophy of simplicity and quality. With their timeless designs, high-quality materials and affordable prices, Jcob watches have something to offer watch enthusiasts from all backgrounds. What are you waiting for? Take a look at Jcob's website and discover the perfect watch that will grace your wrist.

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