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Discover the Magic of Slow Watches with Jcob


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Have you ever heard of Jcob Slow watches? At Jcob we have designed a beautiful collection of watches that are stylish, striking, timeless and fashion conscious. We have something suitable for everyone who likes a slightly different watch. Our watches have a diameter of 45 millimeters and are equipped with a Japanese Miyota movement. In addition, they are equipped with hardened mineral glass and a screwed lid. All features that we believe are necessary for a good watch. And with prices from only 149 euros, they are also very affordable.


One-hand watches

As the name implies, Slow watches have only one hand. This single hand shows both the minutes and the hours.


How exactly does an Slow watch work?

A one-hand watch actually has the same dial as a 'normal' watch. In most cases, the dial is divided into 12 hours, sometimes even into 24 hours. We will focus here on the dials that are divided into 12 hours. The hand makes one full circle in 12 hours.


Reading the time with dashes on the dial

But how can you read the time? Dashes have been placed between the whole hours for this purpose. The longer dashes mark the quarters, while the shorter dashes between the quarters mark the 5-minute periods. For example, the hand of the watch takes an hour to go from 12 to 1. On the go, it accurately tells the time to within 5 minutes.



Affordable quality with Jcob

Finding an affordable alternative was not easy. It was important to us that the watches were both affordable (maximum 200 euros) and of high quality. This combination seemed hard to find, but we managed!

Jcob is dedicated to creating affordable Slow watches that don't compromise on quality or style. Our watches offer you a unique way to tell time with a single hand, and they are available at a price that is accessible to everyone. With our diverse range you will certainly find a Jcob watch that suits your personal taste and style.

Discover the world of Slow watches with Jcob and experience time in a new way.

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